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Counselling, Psychotherapy, Family Services

We provide counselling and therapy to individuals, couples, and their families who have diverse life issues. These problems may include self-confidence, education, marriage, career, parenting, interpersonal or intergenerational relationships, or more emotional aspects of one’s life. We help clients identify their concerns and problems, develop strategies to cope with and address their issues, and we do so in a respectful, empathetic manner. Our ultimate goal is to help clients deal with life situations more effectively and grow towards a harmonious family life.
This program stresses the importance of women’s safety and protection. Its aim is to empower women to pursue and maintain a safe and secure living environment, and to support them in making choices in achieving a more fulfilling life. In addition to individual & group counselling services, we also provide information and referrals, crisis intervention and case management.
This program provides counselling and psychotherapy services to individuals and families who are challenged by emotional, psychological, psychosocial, addictions, mental health, and behavioural issues. The main program objective is to help them achieve psychological resilience through counselling, appropriate referrals and working together with our alliance partners.

This is a court-ordered program provided for abusers serving probation orders or on bail and are living in the community. They are experiencing problems with their abusive behaviour, personal relationships, and family life. The program design is geared toward developing healthy and positive ways of dealing with life challenges and anger control. We only accept referrals from John Howard Society of Toronto, and levy a mandatory fee, as per our contract with Ministry of Attorney General.

Individual counselling is provided for probationers and their family members, to help them adjust to the community and develop better coping skills.

We provide counselling, outreach and education for individuals and their families who suffer from and/or are affected by gambling addiction. Our service covers self-exclusion, and counselling for individuals suffering from problem gambling, as well as their families.

Our youth services include 1-on-1 counselling to address the psychosocial needs of youth, as well as a psychoeducational group for youth aged 14 to 24. Youth can be referred by self, school, family, or any other individual with the consent of the youth.
We provide group therapy to individuals and family members through parenting groups, problem gambling program, violence against women program, disabilities and special needs support and rehabilitation groups, partner assault response program, and youth program.

This program is based on a cognitive behavioral approach, which is a well-recognized evidence-based psychotherapeutic model, to guide client to reflect, learn and apply on topics including  Understanding Anger, Managing Anger, and Transforming Anger.

This program is not funded by any community or government source.  A non-refundable fee of CAD$420 due upon registration.  This is a one-on-one program that is scheduled according to a timeline suitable for the client, and delivered in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin.  Certification of Successful Completion can be provided upon request.

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